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Inspired by fashion and being an avid shopper I wanted to provide my hometown; Vero beach, with a better way to shop. Through online contactless shopping, I was able to bring a new light to fashion to my community by providing sustainable options.

Working for my dad I learned how to buy products for many different types of people with different tastes and how to create an aesthetic off of that. Younger women like me have a hard time finding clothing in the Vero beach area, so wanted to bring an outlet to young women in Vero Beach to find sustainable clothing, shoes, bathing suits, and even accessories. 

About Hibiscus & Clover

Natalie is a college student with a well-paid college student who works part-time at a local primary care office. When she's not wearing scrubs she enjoys dressing out. Stephanie is known amongst her friends for being a fashionista. While she loves shopping she loves shopping responsibly more. Stephanie is disappointed in the limited options to buy sustainable clothing in her area. She’d rather spend her money supporting a small business than shopping at a mall or large corporation. On her breaks at work, she scrolls on Instagram and tiktok and frequently stops for clothing ads. She wants to build her fashion Instagram where she tells her followers where to buy the best clothes. Her favorite part of her day is coming home to new packages on her doorstep and shell often facetime her friends or goes on tik-tok to show her new online clothing haul.

Target Audience

Color Palette

Logo Process

Finalized Logos

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